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God is waiting for you! So don't make him wait.

This is my last show on Faith FM. I would like to thank them for the opportunity. I will still be doing this podcast weekly on my website. 

God Can Do Amazing Things (With Your Help)! I hope you enjoy my show.

I believe Jesus was a Nationalist. He had an agenda and did what he had to do to create his great Nation of Christianity. Dr. Jeff will explain what Nationalism is. I think you should read more books – a couple suggestions; Stephen Harper’s ‘Right Here Right Now’ and Jordan Peterson’s ’12 Rules for Life. An Antidote to Chaos.’ These two books are a good start.

An Atheist Reverend running a United Church? This and other tops will be considered in my show.

A clear perspective gives you clear options and choices. This gives you the ability to stay healthy for LIFE. You see, a healthy lifestyle equals a healthy life.

Throw away your Halloween candy on November 1st. Why? Listen to the show to find out why.

Dr. Jeff talks about the germ theory, the flu shot and his trip to Ireland with Linda.

You are morally obligated to take care of yourself. Watch and I will explain why.

Dr. Jeff reviews some of the science of being happy. The good news is part of the science is religion!

It's not BAD luck or BAD genes. It's likely bad knowledge, bad advice and bad choices. I have a plan. Dr. Jeff talks about his talk series and how we can help you. My talks are monthly until February and then you will get the next 5 months worth.

Dr. Jeff talks about toxicity and the science that supports the fact that household cleaners are damaging to children. Dr. Jeff told you about them 12 years ago...act now, don’t wait!

Well maybe you DON’T have your health. Then it is time you recapture it and learn how to stay well. This show is about healthy solutions in a high-tech, high-stress world.

Do you have more faith in a spoonful of medicine OR the power that created the universe? You should decide. Your actions are a sign of what you truly believe. Fix your lifestyle and you will not need as many pills.

Dr. Jeff explores the concept of intolerance and inclusion. Remember, intolerance is a very strong word. Sometimes Conservatives just don’t agree with certain ideas, but I don’t think that makes you intolerant. Please treat everyone with respect, but don’t agree with everyone.

Dr. Jeff talks about label reading, exercise and breast feeding.

God has a plan for you. You have a plan for you. Your plan does need to be close to God’s plan to prosper and not be harmed. Here are a few ideas how to do this.

We live in a world where people walk around looking down at their phones. Wake up pedestrians! There are distracted, texting drivers about to hit you. Look around more, start thinking more and God’s plan will be revealed.

As we age, your body type will change. However, if you eat properly, exercise and follow the Maximized Living 5 Essentials, this process will occur slower. Interested? Hit play!

On today’s show I will talk about the discipline of a healthy lifestyle. I will also discuss “safe injection sites” and the severely mental ill shooter in Toronto. (How do people with severe mental illness get a gun?)

Everyone has an idea or an agenda when it comes to health. My agenda is for you to take better care of yourself so you don’t get sick. Drug companies have a different agenda...’

Too many people end up with chronic health problems. We need to avoid sickness by having a healthy lifestyle. Sickness is not germs and genes, it is sugar and stress.

On today’s show, Dr. Jeff will explain why some people “die” from the flu and others don’t get sick at all. You should listen.

Dr. Jeff will review some of this week’s junk science-“the fake news of science.” Christians we need to look at all sides before we make decisions instead of blindly listening to your media source.

Prevention or Treatment-which one makes more sense to you.

Today’s show is about the truth of overtreatment of breast cancer. Seventy percent of women do not need chemotherapy. Giving these women chemo has resulted in tens of thousands of extra deaths yearly.

That can really happen! But it will happen because you will change your mindset and view of the world.

The "Name and Blame Game" of medicine is not working. How can genes, viruses and germs be the cause of why people are so sick now? These have been on earth since the beginning of time! Maybe it is your lifestyle.

There is a huge volume of information to stay well and avoid sickness. Don’t try to make all these changes at once, you have time to do it.

Dr. Jeff talks about what a miracle is and how to avoid needing them (by being disciplined with your LIFESTYLE). 


Thank you for being a Christian! Christians care for our fellow humans and understand the blessing of life.

Your symptoms have never been your problem; they are a symptom of the actual problem.

Today’s show is about the choices we can all make to be healthier Christians.

Everyday tips for better health!
Join us for an interactive discussion as we inform you of simple, yet effective ideas to implement into your daily routine. Learn the latest health trends and foods to add to your health toolbox.

Everyday tips for better health!
Here are the slides from our 'Healthy Shortcuts' Advanced Workshop on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018. We will inform you of simple, yet effective ideas to implement into your daily routine. Learn the latest health trends and foods to add to your health toolbox. Enjoy some healthy food samples made with quality ingredients!

Please consider prayer instead of making fun of unfortunate people who make more unfortunate choices. Remember LIFESTYLE and the way you treat others is a solution to wellness and a better life.

Yep, I am taking a balance approach to school shootings. The one question is how come the shooters are always on drugs?

YES you can! The Maximized Living Makeover (MLMO) is how you are going to succeed in weight-loss, stress reduction and exercise compliance. Let us show you how to make healthy choices that last all year.

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February? We will help you lose the crash diets, gym binges and guilt that fuel the New Year’s Resolution and replace them with a practical, deprivation-free nutrition plan and exercise program that fits into your busy schedule. Let us replace those short-lived New Year’s fads with the Maximized Living 5 Essentials of Maximized Mind, Maximized Nerve Supply, Maximized Quality Nutrition, Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle and Minimized Toxins. Everyone deserves the 5 Essentials. We can get you there with the last resolution you’ll ever need to make!

It happens every Christmas. People eat the wrong foods, don’t exercise, get stressed and spend far too much money; all in the name of the birth of our Saviour. It is time to wake up and see what is wrong with this lifestyle. Dr. Jeff is going to give you solutions to change these dysfunctional choices.

Stress is a factor in all diseases including; cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and mental health illnesses. In Ontario, the number one reason to visit your medical doctor is anxiety and depression. Dr. Jeff will provide solutions to alleviate your stress through lifestyle changes.

Dr. Jeff and Linda share some helpful tips to ensure your back to work/school transition keeps the family as healthy as possible.

Dr. Jeff provides the basics for a healthy eating plan and how to stay on track. Linda provides a demonstration for healthy lunches suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Got Sleep Problems? We Have Solutions!

You might be surprised to know that even missing a few minutes of sleep can negatively impact your well-being.
A lack of sleep can be correlated to almost every illness you can think of, yet research shows that 65% of Americans lose sleep due to stress, and almost nine million adults use prescription drugs to sleep.
• Learn the nature of sleep deprivation, how it impedes your health, and how much sleep is enough.
• Understand the dangers of prescription sleep aids.
• Leave with a plan to get a good night of rest.

Part II. There has been 28 deaths from Fentanyl overdose since January. All drugs are dangerous.

Over the next several weeks Dr. Jeff is going to talk about all the “news” on drugs. I will explain how all drugs either pushed or prescribed have serious side-effects. If you have children or teenagers, you must listen.

Dr. Jeff talks about what science really is. It may not be an opinion; it is not what your best friend told you or what you were taught in high school. Dr. Jeff’s advice; develop a philosophy with the focus being on what Jesus would do and do that more often than your choices.

Not taking care of yourself will absolutely result in sickness. Dr. Jeff talks about lifestyle, antibiotics and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Chron’s)

“Your potential is greater than you think. Stop the excuses and start moving towards God. God really, really has a plan for you. Don’t let your plan interfere with his plan.”

“Put down the chocolate bunny and walk away!” Are you celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead by eating chocolate? Why? It’s time to explore your full human potential and walk away from who you were.

Often people change my message on diet, exercise and stress. What happens is, they don’t get the amazing changes they should get! Do exactly what I say if you want to become healthier.

Find out why we have to be proactive with text neck syndrome and strength training and learn some strategies to help you with both.

Dr. Jeff explores trends in your health. Most of these trends are bad for you. So make sure you think before you join in.

Dr. Jeff explains how Tylenol and other acetaminophen medications affect your brain function and your body’s ability to heal.

Actions speak louder than words. Show respect to thy Temple of the Holy Spirit by exercising, eating better and controlling stress. Dr. Jeff explains how.

First, you gotta love yourself or you can’t love your neighbour. Think about that. Now, let’s look at your lifestyle and see how much you really love yourself. I will talk about this deep thought next week as well.

I will answer that question and more importantly, talk about a lifestyle that will cause less inflammatory response in your body. Inflammation has been linked to Cancer, Heart Disease arthritis and many other (too common) disease states.

Book your appointment today! Serving the Kitchener-Waterloo Region for over 25 years.

Forward head position is another name for “text neck.” As your head moves forward, the resulting stress on the neck that is created can be the equivalent to 60 pounds of pressure on your cervical spine (compared to the normal 10-12 pounds). This can lead to headaches, tiredness, pain and arthritis (subluxations) and can also affect your organ systems. “Text neck” is becoming an epidemic. Likely this is already happening to you and your family. Sign up for our talk and learn some stretches and prevention methods so that you and your children don’t comprise your health with “text neck.”

Prepare your meals in advances so that you do not have to resort to unhealthy alternatives when rushed for time.

How to Precook meals so that you don't have to resort to unhealthy alternatives.
For healthy recipes, please visit;

Check out our annual schnitzel cook-off!

We all need to be able to be critical of ourselves. In most cases, we would find that we are “not doing, not listening and not thinking.” Today I want you to think about mammograms and articles in the media.

Yes, this show is about President Donald Trump. Let’s treat him with the respect he deserves (even if he might not treat others that way – in your opinion). Be very proud! You live in the greatest country on earth. You are CANADIAN, say you are sorry and be nice.

In this show I will explain in detail the steps that will happen and what to expect when you come and see me in my office. We are different from other chiropractic offices!

Will they look at all the drugs, all the needles, the obesity and sickness? Will they be able to say, with confidence “I am glad I trust God instead of a drug company?”

Dr. Jeff talks about the misdiagnosis of asthma in Canada AND the anti-psychotic drugs (unlicensed) being given to kids with A.D.H.D.

This is your last chance to get signed up for our Maximized Living Makeover! Get booked for Thursday, January 19th at 6:30pm. In just two hours you will learn life changing information! Call the office at 519-886-4210 or send us an email at [email protected] for more

Dr. Jeff explains “The Big Idea” in chiropractic and how that leads to health of individuals, families, cities and nations. It starts with understanding God’s power inside you!

It’s New Year’s resolution time; most people can’t keep their resolutions, but we can help! Get signed up today for our New Year’s Resolution Maximized Living Makeover. This will be the last resolution you’ll have to make! Join thousands of people across the globe as we lose the crash diets, gym binges and guilt that fuel the New Year’s Resolution, and replace them with a practical, deprivation-free nutrition plan, an exercise program that fits into your busy schedule and a level-headed approach to developing real health that lasts all year. A cycle can’t be vicious if it’s broken, and that’s what we plan to do.
Here’s to weight loss, lasting results and the last New Year’s resolution you’ll ever make. Here’s to Resolve.
• Unlock the real key to weight loss: hormones.
• Get in amazing shape in only 12 minutes a day.
• Bust the “weight loss diet” myths with a practical results-driven nutrition plan.
• Join the 20 in 30 Weight Loss Challenge.

Christmas is over, so let’s start eating better. The Apostle Paul was right when he said “You were bought at a price. Honour God with your bodies.” It’s time to HONOUR!

This was an instruction on a candle that my wife bought. When did we have to be told simple instructions that we should already know? What you eat is the same. You know what you need to eat, so why are you eating poorly?

Today’s show has to do with eating responsibly during Christmas. No one can make you eat the wrong food, it is your decision.

Have you ever walked into a room and heard someone speaking that profoundly changed your life? Well God went through a lot of work to set that up. My advice is to listen. We also talked about “The 12 lbs of Christmas” and how to avoid the weight gain most other people are going to do. Check out our video version of this radio show at the follow link!

November 29th, 2016. ‘The Flu Shot Show.’

Dr. Jeff reminds you that you live in a free country and God has also given you free will. The science quoted comes from the FLUVIRA Monograph from GSK (Yes, all 22 pages of warnings). Don’t worry, the show is not as boring as it sounds.

Sometimes the world moves in a crazy direction. When dying by taking a selfie is now a cause of death, it is time to reflect on our values. This workshop is a “reset button” to make sure you are emotionally on track in your life. You will learn some simple lifestyle solutions to move your thoughts from yourself to how to help your neighbours. It all starts with loving yourself before you can love your neighbour.

What if your lifestyle is killing you and you don't even realize it? If you are like most North Americans, it probably is, but what if we told you that you could make drastic changes for your health in just 21 days? Would you do it?

Come to this Advanced Workshop and Learn:
• How to rediscover your youth, maximize your energy, lose the weight you want to, and prevent chronic disease.
• Get the 21-Day Spring Reset Challenge, along with the support you need to live the healthy lifestyle of your dreams.

The 21- day Spring Reset will:

• Strengthen your immune system
• Support your vital organs
• Help you eliminate unhealthy cravings and support healthy brain chemistry
• Slow the effects of aging
• Lose weight and feel great
• Restore your antioxidants

This talk will help you… -Learn how to read labels and what to look for. -Learn which foods promote health and which foods obstruct health. -Learn the difference between the advanced diet and the core diet and when you should be on

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